Amazon National Safety Week Quiz Answers

By Pimitho
Amazon National Safety Week Quiz

Submit the correct answers & win Rs.1000 as Amazon Pay balance today by participating Amazon National Safety Week Quiz today 5th March 2021. This quiz which lasts for several days.

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Amazon National Safety Week Quiz details

Commence 5th March 2021
Ends 14th March 2021
Number of Questions 6
Prize Rs.1000 as Amazon Pay balance
Number of Winners 100
Winners Selected by Lucky Draw
Winners Announcement on 15th March 2021
How to check if you are a winner?
To confirm On 15th March 2021, check it at 5th March 2021 winners list.

Amazon National Safety Week Quiz Correct answers only

  • Never
  • both Option 1 and Option2 are true
  • Nobody
  • Options 2 & 3
  • All of the above
  • All of the above

All questions and answers with choices

  • Does Amazon Pay ever call you on the phone to ask for OTP?
  • Never
  • Sometimes
  • Always
  • Once during UPI registration
  • If you want to limit the amount of money you spend from your Amazon Pay balance, you can...
  • Set a maximum spend limit from balance per transaction
  • Set a limit on the maximum number of transactions you can make per day
  • both Option 1 and Option2 are true
  • None of these
  • Who all should you share your UPI pin with?
  • Friends & Family
  • Amazon Delivery agent
  • Bank Manager
  • Nobody
  • Which of these is MOST LIKELY to be a scam call?
  • Caller asks you for your delivery PIN to confirm an order you have placed on Amazon
  • Caller asks you to transfer some money to collect a lucky draw prize you won on Amazon
  • Caller asks you to pay a token amount to get instant refund on a returned order
  • Options 2 & 3
  • If you think you might have fallen for a scam, what steps should you take to secure your Amazon account?
  • Change your Amazon account password
  • Enable Two Step Verification for your Amazon account
  • Report the issue to Amazon by contacting Amazon customer support
  • All of the above
  • Which of the following statements about Amazon Pay Later is TRUE?
  • You can register for Amazon Pay Later only on the Amazon app
  • No one from Amazon or our lending partners will call you to collect personal details
  • You should not share your personal details if anyone calls you for Amazon Pay Later registration
  • All of the above
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How to attend Amazon quiz?

  • Open app in your mobile phone.
  • Tap settings in the top left corner.
  • Tap Programs and Features.
  • Tap FunZone.
  • Tap "Lucky Draw Winners" in the right tab.