Amazon Ambedkar Jayanti Quiz Answers

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Amazon Ambedkar Jayanti Quiz

Submit the correct answers & win Rs. 10,000 Amazon Pay balance today by participating Amazon Ambedkar Jayanti Quiz today 13th April 2021. This quiz which lasts for several days.

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Amazon Ambedkar Jayanti Quiz details

Commence 13th April 2021
Ends 26th April 2021
Number of Questions 5
Prize Rs. 10,000 Amazon Pay balance
Number of Winners 3
Winners Selected by Lucky Draw
Winners Announcement on 28th April 2021
How to check if you are a winner?
To confirm On 28th April 2021, check it at 11th April 2021 winners list.

Amazon Ambedkar Jayanti Quiz Correct answers only

  • Baroda
  • The Drafting Committee
  • Poona Pact
  • All of these
  • New Delhi

All questions and answers with choices

  • Bhimrao Ambedkar was awarded a scholarship by the ruler of which princely state, to pursue studies abroad?
  • Nawanagar
  • Travancore
  • Baroda
  • Patiala
  • Bhimrao Ambedkar was the Chairman of which committee of the Constituent Assembly?
  • The Review Committee
  • The Drafting Committee
  • The Printing Committee
  • The Illustration Committee
  • Bhimrao Ambedkar was one of the leading figures behind which pact signed on September 24, 1932 granting new rights to Dalits?
  • Mumbai Pact
  • Poona Pact
  • Nagpur Pact
  • Amaravati Pact
  • Which of these is a book written by Bhimrao Ambedkar?
  • The Untouchables
  • The Problem of the Rupee
  • Who were the Shudras?
  • All of these
  • The Dr Ambedkar Stadium with a capacity of around 35000, inaugurated in 2007 and used mainly for football is in which city?
  • Margao
  • Kolkata
  • New Delhi
  • Bengaluru
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