Amazon Just Launched Jackpot Wednesdays Answers

By Pimitho
Jackpot Wednesdays

Amazon Just Launched Jackpot Wednesdays Answers today, 19th May 2021 are updated here. Participate and win 50,000 & more exciting prizes. This Funzone Jackpot is available today only. Don’t miss it, but not too hurry.

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Amazon Jackpot Wednesdays Details

Commence 19th May 2021
Ends 19th May 2021
Number of Questions 1
Prize 1 winner gets Rs.50,000 as Amazon Pay Balance 2 winners get Rs.5,000 as Amazon Pay Balance 10 winners get Rs.1,000 as Amazon Pay Balance 20 winners get Rs.500 as Amazon Pay Balance 1000 winners get Rs.50 as Amazon Pay Balance
Number of Winners 1033
Winners Selected by Random Draw of Lots
Winners Announcement on 20th May 2021
How to check if you are a winner?
To confirm On 20th May 2021, check it at 19th May 2021 winners list.

The question and the answer after your spin

  • Which character did Will Smith played in "The Pursuit of Happyness" Movie?
  • Jordan Belfort
  • Chris Gardner
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
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How to attend Amazon quiz?

  • Open app in your mobile phone.
  • Tap settings in the top left corner.
  • Tap Programs and Features.
  • Tap FunZone.
  • Tap "Lucky Draw Winners" in the right tab.